1:1 Coaching

Personalized coaching packages available to meet your needs. Start with a complimentary exploration call, then head into an initial 12-week package to accelerate your professional evolution.

Individual coaching so you can create a life that includes a successful career and strong personal relationships.

Perfect if you:

  • Want to launch your own business or legal practice
  • Feel stuck and unsure of what is next but know you want something different
  • Want a promotion or to make partner and need support to make it happen
  • Find yourself out of balance between work and personal life and want to create more harmony
  • Lack confidence or experience imposter syndrome in ways that prevent you from advancing your career
  • Want to improve your visibility and contribution

With individual coaching, you will receive weekly support based on your individual needs. Not only will you co-create a coaching plan with Coach Meg, but you will also feel championed, challenged, and cared for.  You will learn skills to keep yourself accountable to your big dreams and take weekly action to get there.