Events, Workshops, & Training

Building & Strengthening Soft Skills

Does the word networking bring up images of handing out business cards to strangers at conferences? Do you need objective feedback so you can launch a new service, product, or workshop ? Coach Meg works 1:1 or with your team on building relationships and bringing your A-game to any new launch.

Coach Meg can tailor a one-time session or ongoing program to teach you and your team the art of building business relationships beyond the conference or formal event space. She can also provide feedback on presentations, workshops, or new services before you launch.

Megan Moore, Inc. | The Power of the Right Question
Speaking Engagements, Training & Workshops

Megan provides engaging lunch & learns to help attorneys build their professional skills; energizing workshops on building communication and connection in your executive teams and/or staff; and trainings on time management and accountability for results. She can also individualize and create workshops to meet your organization’s needs.

Megan has extensive experience speaking to audiences from a variety of professions, including the San Diego County Bar Association, Lawyers Club of San Diego, KIPP SoCal, Total Education Solutions, University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, and the Desert Bar Association.

Megan brings her humor, vulnerability, and frankness to engage with audiences of all sizes.


The Powerful Pivot

Small group coaching to support hardworking professionals in their next big thing. The group setting provides opportunities to learn from Coach Meg and the other professionals, as well as to achieve your individual outcomes.

Perfect if you:

  • Ready to get the promotion
  • Want to launch your own business or law practice
  • Make partner
  • Start something totally new
  • Longing to connect with and learn from others

In The Powerful Pivot, Coach Meg provides a safe space for hardworking professionals to pivot to what is next. Group members will learn leadership skills, tools for harmonizing work and personal life, and the means to overcome hurdles. In addition, Coach Meg facilitates group coaching so members can dig deep to figure out what is getting in the way and how to overcome those barriers.

Megan Moore, Inc. | The Power of the Right Question
Organizational & Leadership Coaching

Small group coaching for you and/or your team so you can create and achieve the vision you have for your business or law firm.

Organizational coaching is perfect if you:

  • Want ongoing support for your executive team to achieve organizational vision and goals
  • Plan to launch a new business with a partner or team of people
  • Want to enhance leadership skills at the executive or managerial level
  • Need support to plan and execute your business vision and outcomes

With organizational and leadership coaching, your team will learn specific skills to plan, lead, and execute the vision and outcomes for your business. Coach Meg will tailor a coaching plan to meet your needs, whether you want an all-day intensive retreat or weekly/bi-weekly coaching for your team.

1:1 Coaching

Individual coaching so you can create a life that includes a successful career and strong personal relationships.

Perfect if you:

  • Want to launch your own business or legal practice
  • Feel stuck and unsure of what is next but know you want something different
  • Want a promotion or to make partner and need support to make it happen
  • Find yourself out of balance between work and personal life and want to create more harmony
  • Lack confidence or experience imposter syndrome in ways that prevent you from advancing your career
  • Want to improve your visibility and contribution

With individual coaching, you will receive weekly support based on your individual needs. Not only will you co-create a coaching plan with Coach Meg, but you will also feel championed, challenged, and cared for. You will learn skills to keep yourself accountable to your big dreams and take weekly action to get there.

What clients have to say:

Watch Now: Coach Meg and her client Kristie Sager talk about the power of group coaching on Instagram Live.

I had the answers; I just didn't have the right questions.

Meg is a skilled, caring coach! She was an invaluable guide in helping me identify and work through (what I had perceived to be) barriers to my success, and she consistently held me capable to achieving my outcomes. The insights I gained through the coaching process have endured and have become incorporated into my daily life. If you desire to activate the limitless possibilities in your life and transform your “ideas” about success and fulfillment into tangible results, I highly recommend coaching with Meg.

Megan coached me through some very difficult life decisions involving my career, my home and my health. I appreciated her no nonsense, direct and compassionate approach. After my coaching program was completed, my life was completely transformed! I was set up for a new pathway. A pathway to more joy, more success, divine right living space, & less stress in all areas of my life. Megan was so skilled at asking the right questions to challenge thought patterns and beliefs that no longer served me. I had a few A-HA moments because her questions guided me to uncover hidden truths, hidden fears, beliefs and blocks. I now find myself using some of her strategies when new challenges arise. So grateful for this coaching experience. It was a positive and insightful experience that changed my life. I no longer feel stuck. I feel empowered to create the life of my dreams...and see evidence that it is possible.

I met Megan at a leadership retreat and was instantly drawn to her engaging personality and approach to wellness. During individualized life coaching, her compelling and dynamic methods and techniques gave me a way out of lifelong traps of workaholism. Megan is excellent at asking just the right questions that lead to seeing things in a whole new way, which helped me let go of my old habits and gave me time for myself and my family! Through visualization of my outcomes, she led me through a series of thought processes that built confidence to set boundaries and to lead my team well. A great takeaway from my time with Megan is having an imaginary Champion, who helps me stay focused on my solo projects. I highly recommend Megan as a life coach when needing to make important life and work changes for improving self-care.

Megan helped me to better focus on what I was looking for in my career. If you are contemplating a professional pivot or need some help deciding what path pursue in your career, then I recommend you contact Megan Moore for an individual coaching session.

I was a bit skeptical about working with an executive coach, but Megan quickly turned me into a convert. Megan was extremely skilled at asking tough questions; enabling me to see through my own biases and eliciting deep self-reflection. She empowered me to rise to every challenge and held me accountable for achieving my goals. Megan’s coaching was invaluable. I gained an incredible amount of confidence and clarity in my business and learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me back. With her guidance, I have found more balance in my work and home life and ultimately feel in control of my business and future.

I worked with Megan when my firm first went into COVID shut-down in March 2020. She helped me focus my communication to staff and clients so that our firm's message was clear and direct. She was super helpful and great to work with.

It’s with great enthusiasm that I recommend Megan! She individualized a wonderful, in-person workshop for leaders in education. Megan’s extensive expertise and experience with schools provided relevant learning which resulted in strong connections with the attendees. Her program was informative, but more importantly, it was meaningful. Megan created a safe space where attendees shared inspiring visions, and there were also some significant emotional moments to allow for reflection and personal planning. We received tools to use after the workshop which we continue to use in daily practice. The attendees submitted anonymous feedback and unanimously reported it was the best workshop of their entire retreat. All rave reviews for Megan and her workshop content and delivery!

I had Megan run a workshop with my Special Education team and she did a fantastic job. My team consists of approximately 40 members and Megan kept each person engaged for the duration of her workshop. She focused on teaching systematic and clear strategies for moving from a specifically difficult time in education to looking forward to the coming year. She taught my team how to process and let go of what's past and look forward, plan for, and get excited about what the future holds. I'm very excited to move into the coming school year, as my team now have great tools to guide them to success. Even though there are many personalities on my team, Megan found a way to connect with each of them in a valuable way. I recommend Megan's trainings/workshops for any organization as she has a great deal of experience to draw from and presents information is a fun, engaging, and very useful way.

We introduced the concept for a new rental marketplace ( at an event and asked Meg to observe our "First Look" event presentation and provide feedback. Her feedback was super valuable, and what impressed me most is the range of aspects she covered from event format to presentation technique, to content, and finally suggestions about how best to prepare participants and follow up with them post-event. The fact that she does not come from either the software development or equipment rental field did not at all prevent her from quicky grasping the concept, purpose of the event, and providing specific value.