The Power of the Right Question

Hello, I’m Megan Myra Moore!

I’m a risk taker, coach, attorney, educator, writer, inspirer, and catalyst for change. I support hardworking (overworked) professionals and the organizations they work for to achieve their next evolution. I believe you have the answers you need, and I have the right questions so you can unlock those answers.
At pivotal moments in my life, someone asked me the right question, which opened me up to possibility so I could get the results I wanted. Now I pay that forward by partnering with people and organizations so they can see possibility and create the lives and businesses they want. That is the Power of the Right Question.
Megan Moore

What clients are saying...

Meg is a skilled, caring coach! She was an invaluable guide in helping me identify and work through (what I had perceived to be) barriers to my success, and she consistently held me capable to achieving my outcomes.

After my coaching program was completed, my life was completely transformed! I was set up for a new pathway. A pathway to more joy, more success, divine right living space, & less stress in all areas of my life. Megan was so skilled at asking the right questions.

Megan’s extensive expertise and experience with schools provided relevant learning which resulted in strong connections with the attendees. Her program was informative, but more importantly, it was meaningful. Megan created a safe space where attendees shared inspiring visions, and there were also some significant emotional moments to allow for reflection and personal planning.

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