The Magic of Purpose



1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

1. have as one’s intention or objective.

Entrepreneurs, coaches, and executives talk and write a lot about purpose (aka the why, the mission, or the reason). Why is that? In business and life, knowing the purpose or mission of a venture helps you stay the course to achieve desired outcomes.

Often when we desire change, we go straight to “how.” How will I get the promotion? How can I leave this job that I hate without having another job lined up? How can I find a job that pays well and gives me a flexible schedule?

Beginning with how does not necessarily work. First, it can stop you before your start because you don’t know how, you don’t believe what you want actually exists, or because you don’t think you’re qualified/deserve to get it. Even if you get started, you may get stuck along the way when you reach a hurdle or fork in the road.

This is where purpose comes in. When you want to make a change, start with why rather than how. Whether you’re advancing your career, changing your job, or creating a different lifestyle, understanding why you want the change gives you purpose in achieving it.

To get clarity on your purpose, ask yourself: “Why do I want this? Why is it important? What will it do for me if I get it? What will be different when I achieve it?” Then you can fill in the blank:

My purpose for making this change is _____________________________________.

Once you clarify your purpose, you can use it as both a rudder and an anchor. When choosing between many options, purpose will steer you toward the one that is right for you. When the seas get stormy and you feel like your actions aren’t getting you anywhere, purpose can anchor you by reminding you why this outcome is important – helping you stay the course until you find the right next step.

Action will create change in your life. Purpose is the key to taking action until you achieve your desired results.


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