The Powerful Pivot

Small group coaching with career-driven professionals pivoting toward growth and satisfaction at work and in life. Register and begin with a complimentary exploration call today.

Small group coaching to support hardworking professionals in their next big thing. The group setting provides opportunities to learn from Coach Meg and the other professionals, as well as to achieve your individual outcomes.

Perfect if you:

  • Ready to get the promotion
  • Want to launch your own business or law practice
  • Make partner
  • Start something totally new
  • Longing to connect with and learn from others

In The Powerful Pivot, Coach Meg provides a safe space for hardworking professionals to pivot to what is next. Group members will learn leadership skills, tools for harmonizing work and personal life, and the means to overcome hurdles. In addition, Coach Meg facilitates group coaching so members can dig deep to figure out what is getting in the way and how to overcome those barriers.