Feeling the Passion to Quiet My Chatty Kathy Companion, Fear

This week, I have some business things I want to do. I love my work, and I’m excited to form some new coaching groups and create more community around the power of the right question, curiosity, and possibility. Yet, I still feel afraid and find myself thinking rather than doing.

So, today, I’m going to take Oprah’s advice: focus on what excites me. I get excited working with groups of professionals who set individual outcomes and come together to create a group purpose. It is humbling when they trust me and each other to show up vulnerable, powerful, afraid, and ambitious.

Writing for public consumption feels daring. I hone my writing chops while also putting my ideas out there and see where they land.

Creating a social media presence energizes me because it’s another way to create community and reach large audiences. And I have fun making videos and reels!

When I focus on the fun, the daring, the community, and coaching, I do feel the passion. Passion doesn’t completely alleviate my fear, but she does allow me to move fear out of the way, so she is a companion (albeit a sometimes annoying, chatty Kathy kind of companion) not an obstruction.

How did this help me? Well, as I write this, I decide that by the end of this week I’ll share two upcoming coaching group opportunities and continue to build community on social media. Fear is chattering, but passion is helping me ignore her scare tactics and feel the daring, fun, and community instead.

What happens for you by focusing on passion and excitement? Inquiring minds want to know.


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