Invitation: The Powerful Pivot

Last week, I took a moment to envision what The Powerful Pivot would feel like to me, and what I want it to feel like for the group members. As I contemplated how this group will emerge, rather than conjuring up conference rooms or Zoom meetings, I felt the beginning of this group, and it felt to me like an invitation. I heard and saw myself calling out from my front door, inviting people into my home for sustenance in a meal, a conversation, a gathering together.

I stand with the big red front door ajar, one leg propping the door open, my mouth round as I call out, “Gather around!” My hands ring a triangle like the cook in an old western calling people home for dinner. “I have different kinds of sustenance here for you, and you get to choose what will fill your belly.”

The first client who signed up for The Powerful Pivot steps onto the porch. She shakes my hand, smiling, “Thank you for inviting me.” She pauses and turns around, motioning to people behind her to come on up. Then she goes inside, believing in the power of this group.

Other people hear my call. I cannot see their faces clearly, but they come to the porch one at a time, stepping through the big red door into the house. When I shut the door, there are six of us inside , my visitors feeling excited and shy. There are quiet hellos as they look around the room and make their way to a table laden with food and drink.

Each person has a place at the table, which I have filled with green beans, lasagna, salad, bread. On the buffet, other goodies appear, something vegan, something meaty, something sweet. The temperature in the room is just right – not so warm as to lull us to sleep but not so cold as to keep us fidgeting. Each space has room for eating and talking and writing.

As we gather around the table, I hear my guests whisper to one another, “Hello. It’s so nice to see your face. Somehow I knew I would find you here.”

“Welcome,” I say. “I am so glad each of you made it. I have a gift for you.” My face feels flushed with excitement, fear, and gratitude. I fight the urge to take a seat in the middle of the table and instead take my place at its head, ready to facilitate and inspire growth and change for this group. As each member comes forward, I hand them a journal. Magically, the journal appears just as the person will want it. One is lined, its cover has a saying on it. One is leather bound with a pen holder. Another is clear and white from cover to end. Another has creamy pages bound between deep ocean blue hardcovers. And one has a puppy gleefully leaping across its softbound pages.

“Sit, please,” I motion. “You will find your space. It may at times feel quite uncomfortable, but it is really just right for you.” As each person takes their seat, I see the same flushed excitement, fear, and gratitude on their faces. I continue my introduction, “Today begins a journey we will take together. I’ve got you, and soon, you’ll have each other. Each of you made this commitment to yourselves and this group, and here you are, ready to create growth in your lives and change your careers.”

  • I smile. “Let’s begin.”
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