Speaking Engagements, Training & Workshops

Megan Moore, Inc. | The Power of the Right Question

Does your law firm want engaging lunch & learns to help attorneys build their professional skills? Is your organization looking for an energizing workshop to build communication and connection in […]

Organizational & Leadership Coaching

Megan Moore, Inc. | The Power of the Right Question

Small group coaching for you and/or your team so you can create and achieve the vision you have for your business or law firm. Organizational coaching is perfect if you: […]

1:1 Coaching

Personalized coaching packages available to meet your needs. Start with a complimentary exploration call, then head into an initial 12-week package to accelerate your professional evolution.

The Powerful Pivot

Small group coaching with career-driven professionals pivoting toward growth and satisfaction at work and in life. Register and begin with a complimentary exploration call today.